The name Kalia is derived from that of a Goddess.

Kali is the Goddess of power and destruction. She is a source of strength, who is often depicted with the God Shiva under her feet, lain prostrate under her power. The same level of Dominance is displayed by Lady Kalia.

As a strict and cruel BBW Mistress with exacting standards, The Lady is more than capable of putting you on your knees and keeping you there for as long as she deems you worthy to be there.

Sadistic, intelligent and creative in equal measure with a particular interest in corporal punishment, roleplay and humiliation; The Lady caters to every level of experience from a timid novice to a seasoned submissive; She can create an experience you would never be able to forget or replicate anywhere else

Lady Kalia welcomes submissives at AbstraktMe Studios; a fully equipped, private dungeon in the heart of Glasgow city centre where your deepest and most forbidden needs can be catered for by firm and skilled hands.