Like many, I first discovered BDSM as a curious teen exploring my sexuality. It's fair to say my first intimate experiences were not entirely vanilla. I indulged in what felt natural to me, never once considering it might not be "the norm".

Later, I was lead to believe that my natural inclinations were a "phase", some remnant of a rebellious streak from my teens, and so I went through the motions, toned down my kinks...and I was miserable.

I look back at that stage in my life and consider it a blessing. It made me realise I NEED kink in my life in order to be my most authentic, whole, happy self. I carry this lesson forward with me into my sessions. It makes up a core part of what drives me, and what makes me a damn good Mistress; I offer my submissives a safe space where they can be themselves, without fear, judgement or shame.

With regards to my sessions, I only partake in fetishes that I genuinely enjoy, so that our time together is as authentic and mutually enjoyable as possible. I would rather refer you on to a lady who has a genuine inter