The long awaited, triumphant return of Glasgows own Domina Ichi! Oh how I have missed the perverts of Glasgow! Where have I been I hear you scream! Well...I have been off scratching the planet and my soul to explore the darkest reaches of the human experience to unleash upon you! You better be ready... I am back in the glorious Mistress Lilith's premises, one of the most exquisitely appointed dungeon in the world.

For you who have never had the honour of meeting me in person I have a quiet sensitivity about me which has a tendency to relax even the most anxious of minds. I am known for my sense of humour and relaxed nature. I am tall, I am V woman shaped and an obvious penchant for japanese eastetic and culture. Do not be fooled by my calming beauty though...I am firm. I am calculated. I am powerful, and I will utterly destroy you. My aim as a Domina is the fulilment of your imagination in a safe, consensual and consumitely professional maner.You are my priority. I am very open and try to learn from every experience. I want to be your friend and your worst enemy. Open up to me about your darker processes. I am open to your creativity and will endeavour to accommodate if I can. I have always been a lover of all things BDSM and my imagination is legendary. Come play in my world... I am 5'10 6'+ in heels